Haysbabyfood Multigrain Banana Cereal Puffs

Haysbabyfood Multigrain Banana Cereal Puffs

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Suitable for 8 months old and above

Supplied by HaysbabyFood, our distributed baby cereal puffs are free from salt, sugar, preservatives and artificial colouring. Our Wonderful Blueberry Multigrain Baby Cereal Puff are made of organic ingredients and Non-GMO. 


Organic Brown Rice
Organic Millet
Organic Red Rice
Organic Black Rice
Corn Flour
Vegetable Oil
Banana Powder

Weight: 60g

Storage Instruction:
- Keep in cool temperature after opening
- Can be stored for 12 months 

Serving Instruction: Can be eaten or its own or added with milk

Price excludes delivery.