Frequently-Asked Questions

Have A Question about our meals?

Check out these FAQs below for more details. 

1. Are your meals halal? 

We are a Muslim-owned entity and all our ingredients are halal. 

2. Are the meals delivered in frozen state? 

Yes, all meals are delivered frozen. 

3. How do I reheat the frozen meals?

 Pour contents over to a small glass bowl after thawing and proceed to reheat either via steaming or double boiling method for about 8 to 10 minutes. Stir consistently during the reheating process. Let it cool before serving. 

4. Can the weekly menu last my child for a week?

Depending on portions served to your child, it should be able to last for a week maximum or minimum for 3 days if a child eats more than a tub. 

5. Does any of your meals consist of eggs? 

We do not serve or include eggs in any of our meals. 

6. Does your pastas include eggs or wheat? 

Our pastas does not include eggs or wheat. 

7. My child has food allergies. Can your meals exclude those ingredients that my child is allergic to? 

At Bitey Bitz, we do our best to cater to every child. Should your child has any allergies, please contact us directly on Instagram or Facebook. 

8. How long can the frozen meals last? 

All our frozen meals can last between 2 to 3 months. For stocks, they can last till 6 months. 

9. Do you do self-collection? 

No, self collection is not available. 

10. Is your company ACRA-registered? 

Yes we are both ACRA and SFA-registered.