Salmon Curry with White Rice

Salmon Curry with White Rice

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Suitable for 10 months old babies and above.

Each set consists of 7 tubs (60ml or 2oz) or 5 toddler tubs 5oz or 150ml) of Salmon Curry and rice packed separately. 

Introduce your baby to the bursting flavours of Asian Curry! Babies will enjoy this baby-friendly, non-spicy curry with Shredded Salmon pieces and top it with white rice for a good sumptuous meal! 

Every meal is prepared without the use of salt, sugar or any preservatives.

Every meal is prepared without the use of salt, sugar and preservatives. Kindly note that we are unable to customise the soup to exclude any ingredients. 

Storage Instruction:
- Refrigerate: Store for up to 3 days
- Freeze: Keep frozen to last up to 3 months

Serving Instruction: Pour contents over to a small glass bowl and proceed to reheat either via steaming or double boiling method for about 8 to 10 minutes. Stir consistently during the reheating process. Let it cool before serving. 

Price does not include delivery.